Mojgan Pournik

I graduated in the field of National Geography Engineering, however, my real passion has always been about art, whether it is painting, or any other art related subject.  I began my ceramic journey in 2009. I am painter, sculptor, ceramic artist, and potter. I also love gardening.


My work can be found at: Burr House, Hill Potters Guild, Richmond Hill Studio Tour, and other Art Shows


Contact and Social:


Instagram: mojgan_pottery

I love spending hours and hours each day at the wheel. Clay requires a lot of attention. There are so many subtle movements that require patience. Clay gives me the ability to convert my imagination into a piece of art.

I use porcelain clay to bring my inner designs into physical reality. I have created my own marble technique to match the beauty of galaxy and named it "cloud & wind". I have also created an elegant handmade mug with 24 kt gold lustre flowers. Everything I make comes from my heart and personally is made by me from start to finish.