Celia Ling

You will find my work at:


Burr House Artisans and Hill Potters Guild show


Instagram account :Artist Celia Ling

I grew up in a small village in Lantau Island, Hong Kong. Never would I have expected to come to Canada and,  in 2000, receive my first formal art class where I discovered a fascination for pottery. Since then, I have also explored other crafts including painting and sketching. Having always had a passion for teaching, I currently hold weekly classes to help others explore the beautiful world of art creation. The unyielding encouragement of the Hill Potters Guild community has encouraged me to grow and transform as an artist. It has been such a blessing.

There are few things as exciting as a new piece of clay. With countless possibilities, it is a medium that allows for so much freedom I love the challenges that come with working with clay__ from timing and moisture levels to the amount of pressure and positions held by your hands. There is always more to learn. Ultimately, to me, clay offers the fantastic potential of creating art that can be both functional and visually expressive.

I have always been inspired by the dynamic natural world that surrounds me. Forests, weather, and wildlife...they are all beautiful. Like Katerina Mayer says, " Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time". One of my greatest hopes is to be able to express my appreciation for nature's wonders in my works. Over the years, I have also been inspired by fellow potters. Through them, I have learned so much as well as gained the confidence to learn and explore new techniques.