Caudia Galletta

While occasionally hand-builiding pieces, my true love is the wheel.  I always strive to combine beauty and functionality in my pieces, and am frequently inspired by nature, using leaves, buds, flowers, branches and any other such materials that grow in my garden or are found on nature walks.  My idea of a perfect day?  A hunk of clay, my wheel, and a day to create!


I discovered my passion for pottery 45 years ago, and rediscovered it through classes at the Guild, three years before (and in preparation for) retirement.


Working from home ever since, I retreat to my happy place, my basement studio, to focus intensely on whatever piece I am working on, forgetting everyone and everything else while in my " zone".


The work is profoundly therapeutic.  I create at home but glaze and fire at the studio, where I continue to learn from other members, master potters,  and a supportive community.   Pottery is the creative core of my being.