Diane Thompson

I have always enjoyed the arts and have been described as crafty.  In my youth I studied fashion design and made most of my work attire and outfits for specials events.  However, the first products that I sold were large stained-glass pieces and fused glass jewellry.



My first introduction to clay was through night courses at Danforth Tech.  Several years later, I met the Studio Head of the Hill Potters’ Guild located in Richmond Hill while taking wood carving lessons at Lee Valley.  I have been an active member of the Guild for over 10 years and teach hand building courses during the evening.

I enjoy all stages of the pottery making process.  Each step gives me pleasure and sometimes unexpected surprises.  I am a meticulous person and pottery helps soothe my inner perfectionist.

I am inspired by colours and shapes and I like to experiment with many different types of forms.  My favorite form of construction is slab building which I find similar to sewing – laying out a pattern, cutting and reassembling.  I like to create items with a strong visual impact.  The majority of my work is whimsical and light hearted.

My inspiration is gained through several means – friends, nature, internet and books.  These varied sources then infiltrate into my work through the fusion of multiple media.


I like to create whimsical interpretations of animals and incorporate other forms of art into them.