Florence Ngan

I am a graphic designer by day, and a potter by night.

Ceramics give me the freedom to create something messily real in three dimensions, away from a screen. I throw each piece of pottery on a wheel, shaping the clay to match the picture in my mind but with an openness to happenstance.


My straightforward ceramic forms are influenced by my design background. I love bold lines, contrasting colours and simple shapes. I aim for minimalist, but not boring. Ceramics has taught me patience. I make pottery as a form of meditation. I think it is a gift to be able to make an object like a mug or bowl that a person may use or look at every day. Someone sharing how they plan to use the piece I have made makes me happy.


After graduating from Ontario Art and Design University (formerly OCAD) with a diploma in graphic design, I took many night courses, from calligraphy to printmaking. Pottery stuck. I’ve gone on to further my knowledge of ceramics with courses and workshops from the Haliburton School of Art and Hill Potters’ Guild. I keep energized by finding the next thing to learn.


My ceramics can be found under the name Clovelly Ceramics, a nod to the street where I grew up in New Zealand. I have items in the Burr House Artisans shop and the Hill Potters’ Guild spring and fall shows in Richmond Hill.


Social Media

Instagram  @clovellyceramics

Email  clovellyceramics@gmail.com