Kathy Verbeek

Kathy was born and raised in Kingston ON. At present she lives in Aurora ON with her husband and children. Art has always played a prominent part in the upbringing of the children but Kathy never felt as a “hands on artist”. As a new mother living in Northern Alberta, she began her journey in ceramics by taking an adult pottery course. Since that time, she has continued to explore and has grown.


Her specialty is in Raku and barrelled fired pots. While these are non functional in the traditional sense of pottery, this way of firing is ancient. This technique allows for exploration in search of the expression of the flame of the fire on the pot. The pots created have an organic expressive quality and are truly one of a kind. She enjoys the community of pottery and the history of these techniques of firing.

She has taken many courses, including the Halliburton School of the Arts program in both Raku and Blacksmithing. As well she has studied for the last three years with a renown sculptor, learning to apply specialized techniques in sculpture. She is an active member of Hill Potters’ Guild in Richmond Hill. She has shown her artwork in a number of guild shows and for the last two years , in the Kingston Women’s Art Festival. She has won Jurors Choice in two recent shows.