Katie Argyle

I am a potter, a printmaker and a painter. I am process-based. I love working across mediums, exploring imagery and ideas in a variety materials using the tools specific to each medium. I am member of the Hill Potters' Guild and the Richmond Hill Group of Artists, both based in Richmond Hill as well as the PRNT Collective in Barrie, Ontario. I have a BA HONS degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Carleton University)and a Diploma in Fine Art from the Ottawa School of Art. I teach printmaking, painting and pottery techniques and combinations of these media to eager students.


From May to October you can find me at the Aurora and the Uxbridge Farmers' Markets. Year round I have pieces at the Burr House Artisan shop in Richmond Hill. Online I showcase my work on Instagram and Facebook and have an Etsy shop.


Social Media


Website:  katieargle.com

Instagram:  katieargyle7

Facebook: Katie Argyle

Twitter: ArgyleKatie

Etsy: KatieArgyleArt

Blog: plasticmasters.blogspot.com

Email: katieargyle@gmail.com


I love the versatility and the unpredictablity of clay.

The ordinary everyday occurrence inspires me as to words and phrases. New phrases and urban slang will also get me going.