Melissa Sherman

Clay is so tactile and easily manipulated.  I love carving into leather hard clay to create a more three dimentional image.  The physical and often demanding quality of Raku firing brings an element of surprise, acceptance, a sense of community and a need to be flexible.

Melissa Sherman is a local artist living and working in Richmond Hill.  As a graduate of Parson's School of Design in N.Y., Melissa was trained as both a commercial ceramic artist as well as in Fine Arts, sculpture, drawing and painting. Her current clay work is a blend of drawing, painting and clay works that hang on the wall.  Shards frame many of the pieces representing our often busy, pieced together lives.  The images are responses to our changing and sometimes fragmented thoughts and feelings.   The use of Raku firing offers the quality of immediacy and the acceptance of error and non perfection.


See my work at:

Mill Pond Gallery, Burr House, Private sales;

Most of my inspiration comes from internal sources; body, breath, and mind.